Friday, August 27, 2010

Its been long ever since I last wrote a post and I cant even remember the date.

Its currently 2.30 am in the morning and I m still not asleep. Problems and life aspects have been running constantly in my mind.

A lot of things have happened ever since I graduated from Taman Sea. I worked 3 jobs a week without rest, gave up on tutoring, worked for my mum, joined Etiqa,considered QuestNet and alot more. There are just too many things happening around me and believe me or not, I am no longer the same CD who has written the previous blog post.

Months ago, I was given a surprise call from Mildred which is my current EtiQa upline. She was looking for downline and remembering that I was takin 3 jobs in a week, she thought I may learn alot more things from EtiQa.(she was the one who convinced me to take EtiQa's mesra plan)

Without much hesitation, I pay her a visit when she was on booth in OU. She was there looking for customers and probably potential downline. She made it straight to point, and explained every detail about EtiQa's agent to me. They are working based on commission and it sure seems tough.

I followed them to their AOI and listened to the main speaker who is the leader and person in charge of that AOI. Ever since then, my point of view has changed.

going to bed now.

C=_=D, CD

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