Friday, August 27, 2010

Its been long ever since I last wrote a post and I cant even remember the date.

Its currently 2.30 am in the morning and I m still not asleep. Problems and life aspects have been running constantly in my mind.

A lot of things have happened ever since I graduated from Taman Sea. I worked 3 jobs a week without rest, gave up on tutoring, worked for my mum, joined Etiqa,considered QuestNet and alot more. There are just too many things happening around me and believe me or not, I am no longer the same CD who has written the previous blog post.

Months ago, I was given a surprise call from Mildred which is my current EtiQa upline. She was looking for downline and remembering that I was takin 3 jobs in a week, she thought I may learn alot more things from EtiQa.(she was the one who convinced me to take EtiQa's mesra plan)

Without much hesitation, I pay her a visit when she was on booth in OU. She was there looking for customers and probably potential downline. She made it straight to point, and explained every detail about EtiQa's agent to me. They are working based on commission and it sure seems tough.

I followed them to their AOI and listened to the main speaker who is the leader and person in charge of that AOI. Ever since then, my point of view has changed.

going to bed now.

C=_=D, CD

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Yes yes now you know why I have not updated my blog after so many months. Its full of dust and I am missing out on the chances in recording my memorable moments.

STPM is so behind and my results might not be good but I am happy with it since I improved. Work has been occupying my time and I am enjoying it, doing it will full of passion and enthusiasm.

I have a few jobs actually... a top secret job which is really secretive but in a very peaceful environment and few tuition classes per day.

talking about tuition, oops, its time to start my class. will try to update once in a while now.

C=_=D, CD

Monday, October 12, 2009

Judgement Day

After Oct 11th, the upper sixes are another week nearer to their Judgement Day, STPM. It could be bad news or good news depending on everyone's point of view.

Due to PMR, we had a week and 2/7 of holidays. It seems like a trend now; 1 week sch day, 1 week holi, 1 week sch, 1 week holi... seems fun but not. Had to study hard since the Day is catching up with our time. Nothing much happened lately...

The period before a heavy storm is always quiet.
I wonder if I will survive through it or not. better study harder now. Perhaps I should stop coming online.

The bacteria is giving me a positive result. Concentration and memory has been increased but it has not reached my target yet. Excited while awaiting to see a better me.

Study hard ppl.

C=_=D, CD

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Human Chemistry

Recently, inspired by the 2 birthday stars, I have thought of human chemistry that explains what does everyone's name mean.

PA(Pengajian Am)+ ME(self-love)+ (1/2)LA = PAMELA

RACE+ H(height) +L(Length) = RACHEL

MICELLE(oil droplets)+ H(Height)= MICHELLE

DO(he chosed to do it)+ MINI(small)+ C(could be cash, car or credit car)= DOMINIC

KEN(1/2 of the Kenya West sarcastic properties) +TRICK(trick player)= KENTRICK

Too bad I dont have any english name yet. =(

Chemistry do happens in between human.
For example, take Rachel and Michelle.

Rachel + Michelle ----> 2(chel) + (MiRacle - c)
Chel is definitely the similarity that they share and they are celebrating their birthday together on OCT 9th at Italiannies, the Curve!
... which is tomorrow. 'Washing clothes' after that? still dont know.

p/s: dont take the equation seriously.

BTW, I realised that I have been able to focus more and my memory is growing. Could this be what I think it is?

C=_=D, CD

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Feeding on bacteria

I m taking in 118 millions of bacterias daily for 1 month trial period and hopefully it affects me positively like how it affected Rachel Yau.

C=_=D, CD

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Money in the Air

I have just swallowed 59 millions of beneficial bacteria today @.@

Its sumthing related to health, and its on the good side. Really have to thank Uncle Yau(pam and rach's father) for introducing me such a good product. perhaps I could get involved right after STPM. =)

Maybe.... not. I m still into saving the world.

C=_=D, CD

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Have I reached my limit?

Had no appetite these few days. Felt like eating, but i just cant put food into my mouth.

A lot of thing around me since to be testing my patience. I almost lost my rationality and patience over a small matter today. As days go by, I really dono how long I can stay calm and chill like the way I am now. Will I get burned due to the fire that enraged me? Have I reached my limits in being patient and let everything hit me without fighting back?

I dont want to lose myself.

C=_=D, CD

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Stress [Paused]

Just finished the last paper for trials(muet is not counted) today. it felt dam good when I know there is nothing else in my mind. =)

Recently one of my best fren, teng wei, has just flew to UK for studies. He has been the smartest among my clique and yeah he really deserved a great opportunity there =)
the sad part is about seeing him go. Realizing that we couldnt hear his voice any longer in 2 years time, I do feel abit upset even though I know he is just going to UK. Sigh... now our gang has left only 4 ppl in Malaysia. It was 6 at first; 1 turtle mutated in UTAR, the other 1 just flew to UK. I definitely will miss him because having him in a place does make a difference.

Oh well, I m sure I can visit him someday. Till then, take good care of yourself, teng wei.
C=_=D, CD

Sunday, September 6, 2009

BBQ Books Day

When I was studying for this stressful week of EXAMS, this thought came into my mind:
organize a bbq party that burns using book RIGHT after STPM.

Its gonna be reall fun. ;)

just joking la. open burning will cause pollution to our world and its not wise to burn books that we can sell. so the main thing is about having a bbq night on 10th of december, the day where spm and stpm put an end to their books dating. I had it last 2 years with my form 5 friends, and yes it was fun and unforgetable =)

see how la. have to go back to studying now.
C=_=D, CD

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Do Alien and UFOs exist?

Recently there has been news in chinese newspapers saying that a baby alien is found and killed last year in a village in either France or Germany. The village was claimed to be a famous spot for this kind of incidence with weird flash and symptoms in their forest. However, the baby alien was killed because the founder was too terrified with its appearance and agility. There were a pair of them but the other one escaped. few months later, the founder died mysteriously in his car in his garage so his wife decided to hand in the dead baby alien's body to scientist for research. They suspected that the aliens revenged on him.

Sorry guys I dont have a picture for that... yet. hehe.

Well this news could be true and I have been wondering:
why dont aliens invade earth?
Aliens want to be peaceful living creatures?
They watched District 9?

It somehow got into my mind when I was supposed to study bio(still studying). I referred to the current date and here goes the hypothesis:
1.Aliens have super big eyes and they saw things that they should not see in the month of ghost.(they see it everyday, anytime, anywhere)
They got afraid too when they wanted to touch them but went through them as though they are just plain images.
2. some of the 'unseen' brothers of ours that lived between us looked horrifying and gave aliens an all-time halloween.
3.The aliens were amazed when spirits can go through walls.

Mainly its about the spirits la. I dont think the weapons on earth can harm aliens especially when they are able to travel from outer space to our country.

And so I have planned my 'life' after death:
join the spirits army and defend the world against aliens =D
purposely dont put make up and scare them when they are in toilet xD
Last but not least, search for them and perhaps follow them back to their planet secretly since spirit does not have to breathe/eat/poop&pee~
C=_=D, CD